The New Delusional Times

Rational people are pulling their hair out over the same-sex “marriage” ruling by the Supreme Court. It defies all common sense and law. The one thing about marriage that has always been true is that the two getting married were not the “same”. While its supporters celebrate as if the matter is finally settled the truth is that it has not settled anything. In fact, it has only served to stir the pot. It has started a war. All groups supporting natural marriage, and Christian groups particularly, have been galvanized in a way not previously possible. Heretofore, there was a glimmer of hope in the minds of some that SCOTUS might do the right thing so the issue was mentally sort of set aside. Those who watch the Court closely predicted otherwise based upon Justice Kennedy’s past actions and the expectations of the four liberal-Democrat appointed Justices. With the reality of the ruling, there is now no middle ground on which to stand. You are either for natural marriage or for the unnatural mockery that the Court imposed by judicial fiat.

“Welcome to . . . the show where everything is made up and the points don’t matter.”

While all of the sound arguments have been and still remain on the side of natural marriage, the wave of irrational and emotional thinking among the movers and shakers supporting SSM has gained the upper hand at the moment. We live in delusional times when the coupling of two men can be considered the same as the coupling of a man and a woman. It is an absurdity that boggles the rational mind since it defies natural biology, all of marriage history, all of common law history, and the Constitution itself (see my previous article). Even the fact that the states voted 32-2 to support one-man-one-woman marriage and the fact that polls show that more than 60 percent of Americans still think marriage should be between one man and one woman it simply didn’t matter in the wake of the political and media emotionally-charged onslaught.

Argue Not With a Fool

In light of these facts, I would encourage my fellow Christians to not waste much time in debate with supporters of unnatural marriage. For them, it was never about doing the right thing. It was always about pushing a twisted agenda. Had they sought legitimacy they would have respected the democratic process and gained victories where they could until the groundswell was such that all the states adopted their position. But legitimacy was never the goal. The goal was to get “gay marriage” by hook or by crook. The will of the people be damned. That is exactly what was accomplished. It took bullying tactics, lies, propaganda, distortion, circumvention of the voters, and a corrupt judicial majority in order to win. There is nothing noble about that type of perverse and intellectually vacant victory but the supporters do not care. Because of that, it is simply ridiculous to argue with them.

Argue Where It Counts

There are a few people on the margins that really had never invested much thought in this matter until now. It has become a topic that our church youth group wanted to discuss. This is a great time to explain that the Bible condemns homosexual acts as sins that lead to eternal damnation. It is a great time to talk about sexual restraint. That is a topic with which our world doesn’t want to deal. The world is all about sexual license, excess, and normalizing perversions. But the Bible teaches a very restrained form of sexuality. Sex is limited to only a husband and wife. Every other form of sexual encounter is considered “sexual immorality” and leads to the same sad fate as those who practice homosexuality. It is also a time to teach that God loves people with homosexual temptations and desires to redeem them along with everyone else. Homosexuality is not the unforgivable sin and the homosexual person should be allowed to join the church just like anyone else. This is a group with which the arguments can be persuasive and it is important to teach sound church doctrine on sexual ethics regardless of the SCOTUS ruling.

Similarly, there are immature Christians in the church who have never really faced this issue square on. Now they have to decide which way to go. Those are worthy conversations to have. But the guy with the rainbow flag; the lady who thinks it is about “equality”; the co-worker who says “love wins” or the Facebook friend who put a rainbow over their profile picture is not a good investment of your time and energy. The art of critical thinking and sound argumentation does not abide in such people. They are the emotional “sound bite” type who think with their feelings rather than their minds. In Transgenderism, New Coke, Snake Oil, and other Dumb Ideas I have suggested that other approaches are more persuasive to that audience.

Rational Solutions

Delusional times call for rational answers because reality is still real even if the population is deluded. A drunken man is in no less danger of death trying to cross a city street simply because he believes he is in possession of his faculties and using good judgment. We, the sober-minded adults in the room, still must attempt to constrain the deluded and shield as many as we can from danger. Like drunks, there is no doubt that they will continue to lash out at us as they have in the past, maddened with power, and emboldened now by their shallow victory. The truth is that those people engaging in homosexual acts are still engaging in sexual practices that are unhealthy for the body, mind, and soul. The Bible still labels it a sin, tells us it is the sign of a depraved mind, and it will end in divine condemnation. God made the human body and he has made his mind known to us regarding sexual activity. It is up to us to conform to his will. He is highly discriminatory and totally intolerant to unrepentant sin. That is truth. So remember that the next time you pray, “May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.”

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