Eyewitness Testimony is Unreliable – NOT!

One of the frequent complaints raised by skeptics focuses upon the claim that there were eyewitnesses to the resurrected Jesus. People are taught that eyewitness testimony to an event is unreliable. Examples such as a car accident are given with ample demonstrations that eyewitness testimony is conflicting at best and not good evidence in court.

Jesus Loves Religion

One of the popular notions about Jesus is that he “hated religion.” Like several other misconceptions, this occurs when the definition of religion is confused with the emotions of religious people.

Jesus was not opposed to religion during his earthly ministry. His family circumcised him on the eighth day, according to the Law. The family made

Finnish Fizzle

William Lane Craig and cosmologist Kari Enqvist
at the University of Helsinki, Finland on 4/16/2012
Can the Universe Exist without God?

The recent debate in Finland was a debacle from the Finnish standpoint. The Veritas Forum put the event together, but Dr. Craig’s opponent – a scientist – was hardly up to the task. He