Is Faith in God Reasonable?

The debate between Dr. Craig and Dr. Rosenberg on Feb. 1 was so lopsided as to be laughable. Not only did our group laugh out loud at Dr. Rosenberg, we realized he gave up at the beginning of the debate! No one thought he won, tied, placed and barely showed. The judges voting was as follows: 4-2 for the panel; among the Purdue audience it was 1390-303; and among the Internet voters it was 734-59.  What is disturbing is that ANYONE thought Rosenberg won. He didn’t even COMPETE and he said as much in his opening statement. When I ran the numbers 33% of the judges thought Rosenberg won, 17% of the Purdue audience and 0.07% of the Internet audience. It just shows you that higher education (judges) doesn’t produce accurate results. The real score was 100% to 0%. It was a TKO. Only the twisted mind of a liberal academic could find any reason to vote in favor of Rosenberg.

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